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The IM Network

The IM Network was developed by the Diocese of Chelmsford to link with contacts in other dioceses who were working in IM.

By 2021, this network had grown to about 150 practitioners and diocesan contacts involved in Interim Ministry in the Church of England across 34 dioceses.

This network is still evolving, but it aims to be a hub for knowledge and learning, to connect Interim Ministers for mutual support and skill sharing, and a place for collaboration on the development of training and information resources.

Outputs from the network include a periodic IM Bulletin containing current news and forthcoming events, IM Focus reports on Interim and transitional ministry in different dioceses, and IM Viewpoints from senior clergy.

Past bulletins and other reports can be found here

The Diocese of Chelmsford will continue to hold all data for this network securely under GDPR provisions.

For further details about the network and IM Bulletins please contact us. 

IM Bulletin

IM Focus

IM Viewpoint