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IM5+ England Survey

Interim Ministry in England – the first five years 

A survey of Interim Ministers and those working with IM was conducted in 2020 to explore the value and impact of IM, five years after IM posts were enabled by changes in church legislation in 2015. The survey found overwhelmingly that Interim Ministry was an effective and beneficial way of bringing about transformation. Analysis of the results identified 14 benefits from Interim Ministry.

43 people completed the survey from 17 dioceses in the Church of England. They considered that IM was ‘an essential part of the Church of England’s toolkit’ which ‘enables’ lay leaders and ‘empowers the church’. ‘Those involved with IM described it as ‘a joy’ and ‘a privilege’, ‘exciting and rewarding’.

An executive summary and the full results of the IM5+ Survey can be found on the link below.

IM5+ The First Five Years