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IM Library

The IM Library contains a bibliography for Interim Ministry, Church of England guidance on IM appointments and research papers.

Contributors are welcome to submit research papers for inclusion in this resource here. For more information and to submit a resource please send us an email.

Church of England Guidance

Supplementary advice on Interim Posts 2017

Interim posts Guidance 2015


A Long Day's Journey - Theology of Holy Saturday
Alex Summers

Tools and Resources for IM
Revd Elizabeth Jordan

What does IM indicate
Revd Elizabeth Jordan

Monarch Shepherd or Parent
Revd Elizabeth Jordan

The Practice of IM Common awards report
Revd Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan Tools for discernment
Revd Elizabeth Jordan

A Reflection on Interim Ministry
Helen Gheorghiu Gould

Running with the Wind of Change
Revd Elizabeth Jordan

Complex Changes:  Interim Ministry in the Church of England
MA Dissertation by Rev'd Natasha Woodward

Contributors are welcome to submit research papers for inclusion in this resource.

Resources and Links

Services of Welcome and Farewell for IM


The following pdf is a recommended Bibliography for Interim Ministry 

Other resources

An introduction to Family Systems and the relationship with Interim Ministry
Revd Helen Gheorghiu Gould

Interim Ministry Handbook 2008 Durham and Newcastle.

Further resources

Alban at Duke Divinity School

Alban at Duke Divinity School is a US-based knowledge resource on transformational models of ministry. It offers access to books, online publications, and learning opportunities.

Interim Ministry Network

The US-based IMN describes itself as ‘A Learning Community of Transitional Ministry Practitioners’. It is the hub of much foundational knowledge and learning for Interim Ministry internationally and runs training courses and networking opportunities for IMs.

Centre for Congregational Health

The mission of the US Center for Congregational Health is to help faith communities and their leaders thrive. We believe that healthy congregations are better equipped to serve their communities, allowing both the congregation and the community to thrive.

Some other examples of IM programmes:

Church of Scotland – Interim Ministry
United Church of Canada – Interim Ministry