We have held two national conferences and some regional IM Gatherings and aim to continue these in future.

IM Gatherings

IM Gatherings in different regions to enable mutual support and the transfer of knowledge and skills between those working with IM. We have had a number of these events so far.

Reports and materials from events

Leeds IM Gathering 2019

Web Resource Launch - March 2021

National resources to support Interim Ministry (IM) were launched by the Diocese of Chelmsford on 22 March 2021.

The Interim Ministry Web Resource and IM Source Book are the output of Capacity Building Funding from the Church of England’s Strategic Development Fund (SDF).   

They will form a national IM resources ‘hub’, initially to be hosted by the Diocese of Chelmsford.

Interim ministry has: ‘quite literally been a God-send, enabling renewal, growth and change to happen and for the church to flourish,’ said The Archbishop of York, the Most Revd Stephen Cottrell, at the launch. 

The Archbishop expressed the hope that the resources: ‘will enable every diocese to consider whether in certain situations where change and renewal is needed in existing patterns of church life; Where there are opportunities to develop whole new ways of being church and new communities of faith, that Interim Ministry might be the best next step of coming alongside existing Christian communities and helping them to see viable and flourishing ways forward.’

A recording of the launch is available below

National Conference

We also aim to hold a national conference periodically.

IM Conference 2020: The Way Ahead for Interim Ministry

The second national conference on IM explored the results of the IM5+ England Survey and looked ahead to prioritising next steps. Speakers included the Rt Revd Chris Goldsmith, Director of the Church of England National Ministry Team, Rt Revd Peter Hill, acting Bishop of Chelmsford, and Revds Molly Dale Smith and Susan Eibner of the Interim Ministry Network, USA.

View the conference report and the group cards from the event.

Watch the 2020 conference on the video below

IM Conference 2017 – Stop-Gap or Strategic Change?

This was the first national Interim Ministry conference for the Church of England, held at a time when there was growing curiosity in and application of Interim Ministry of various types across many dioceses. The event was sponsored by the Diocese of Chelmsford and attended by 50 delegates from 19 dioceses, and included lay people, clergy serving as Interim Ministers, those responsible for learning and CMD, Directors of Ministry and a small contingent of those in senior staff roles.

The conference heard from a stimulating range of presenters and panellists, including The Revd Angus Mathieson, Partnerships Director for the Church of Scotland, who shared learnings from their experience of 20 years of Interim Ministry; Dr Jane Williams, Assistant Dean of St Mellitus, who explored how Interim Ministry might service Anglican Ecclesiology; Tony Evans from the Institute for Interim Management, who brought insights from his experience of interim management of large global businesses; and The Ven Julian Hubbard, Director of Ministry for the Archbishops’ Council, who considered how IM might connect with national ministry strategy. Panellists and presenters from different diocese and levels of the church shared case study experiences, perspectives on IM and offered workshops and open space discussions to create a rich mix of learning opportunities.

Download the outcomes of the conference.